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Cherkassy canning factory

It specializes in the production of canned peas, corn, vegetable paste.

Cherkassy production department is another structural department of VIGGY PRODUCTION LLC and specializes in the production of canned peas, corn, vegetable marrow paste and other types of vegetable paste. The factory works only during the period of availability of fresh raw materials and ensures the production of about 53% of finished products. The seasonal capacity of the enterprise is about 7,5 thousand tons.

The functional structure of the factory consists of a pea and corn canning manufactory, a vegetable preprocessing manufactory and a bottling manufactory, raw material receiving points and laboratories for quality control of raw materials and finished products.

Since 2004, the factory has been operating as a part of Veres Group of Companies. During the active period, more than 600 employees are involved in production, including permanent and seasonal personnel.

Exactly on the basis of this production department the popular Veres Brand vegetable marrow paste is produced. During the season, the enterprise produces more than 2,1 thousand tons of vegetable marrow paste, which is 4,354 millions cans.


Workshop for primary processing of vegetables and bottling workshop

Raw material reception points

Quality control laboratories for raw materials and finished products