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“Lunch at home” – a new line of ready-made meal on the market!

Wherever you are, you will always have a full belly with Veres. This time we took care of you and initialized a new line of ready-made meal, “Lunch at home”.

For those who are going on long trips, fishing, hunting or other activities, or are often on the road and do not always have the opportunity to cook and delight themselves with culinary masterpieces, we have prepared three favorite homemade dishes – buckwheat with beef or mushrooms and pilaf with pork.

“Lunch at home” is:

  • natural ingredients without preservatives, high content of meat and mushrooms;
  • practical and safe packaging: to warm it up, it is enough to immerse the packaging in hot water or put it on a moderately heated surface;
  • long shelf life: 12 months in storage temperatures from 0 to 20 °C.
  • and the most important: “Lunch at home: is a multipurposeness and an ease of use, both indoor and outdoor!

The special formulae allowed us to balance the content of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. This makes a single pack a great alternative to a nutritious full lunch menu with feeding value.

Therefore, choose your taste and easily hit the road.

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