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Veres Group of Companies in 2020 increased sales of products by 8%, extending the line by 24 positions

Veres Group of Companies in 2020 increased the sales of canned products under its own trademark by 8% – up to UAH 946 900 000 compared to 2019. The Brand’s assortment has grown by 24 SKU, which is the maximal index during the last 5 years.

The volume of sales of canned products in the domestic market increased by 2.1% – up to UAH 792 100 000 compared to 2019. The supply of export products in monetary terms increased by 2.2 times – almost to UAH 138 500 000.

Last year, Veres Group of Companies for the first time ever opened its own business firm in Kazakhstan with direct deliveries to 4 chain stores: Magnum Cash & Carry, Small, Dina, Kenmart, which are among the 10 major retail operators in the country. The emerging export contract for the supply of green canned peas to Singapore was also concluded. The project consisted of two deliveries amounting to a total of UAH 40,5 million.

During 2020 Veres introduced products to the market in 4 new categories for the Brand:

– ready meals “Lunches at home” (3 SKU)

– dry spices and seasonings (12 SKU)

– fresh tomato ketchup (3 SKU)

– liquid seasonings (4 SKU).

At the beginning of the year, the Company launched new products in the sauce group (“American Original” Mustard) and the sweet group (“Pumpkin-Orange” Confiture).

At the beginning of autumn, the Brand was aired on state television of the popular culinary show MasterChef with a new communication slogan “Tasty as you like”. After a long “silence” in the media space, a kind of manifest was up to show that Veres Brand and the Company are developing and transforming according to the consumer needs and the modern lifestyle.

The proceeds from the sale of non-core exchange agricultural crops in 2020 amounted to UAH 98,6 million. The index increased by 14,13%, compared to 2019.

The production of mushroom products (blocks of mushroom mycelium) in the business year increased by 6% – to almost 40 thousand tons. The increase in the actual production of fresh mushroom in the business year until 2019 is + 3%, packaged mushroom – + 64% (138,8 tons against 84,6 tons in 2019).

External sales of mushroom products in 2020 compared to 2019 were: block of mushroom mycelium – + 7%, fresh mushroom – + 20%, packaged mushroom – + 64%.

An increase in the production of both mushroom products and fresh mushrooms is planned for 2021.

Business 2020 year became a record in indexes of productiveness of production departments and a logistics center. The increase in productiveness (kg/person-hour), compared to 2019, was:

– Kanev production department – + 12%;

– Cherkassy production department – + 8.5%;

– Cherkassy logistics center (tagging department of finished products) – + 34%.

During the business year, Veres Group of Companies implemented major investment projects: the purchase of new agricultural equipment for the agricultural complex, the thorough overhaul of mushroom growing units, the renewal of equipment at the canning production departments, a major project in terms of volume of work and investments to install an automated tagging line for finished products. The total amount of realized investments in 2020 amounted to UAH 40,529 million. In the budget for 2021, the planned investment amount is UAH 26,089 million.

The total amount of paid taxes in 2020 of Veres Group of Companies is UAH 178,229 million.

In 2021, we plan to increase the total amount availed from the sale of main products by one third, actively develop the category of prepared food and reclaim new export markets”, – noted Arseniy Beliukin, General Director of Veres Group of Companies.

During the year, the Company plans to realize a fancy food line (6 SKU) and extend the liquid seasonings category – plus 3 SKU.

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