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About us

We produce delicious and natural products so that you can fulfill your dreams and desires

Veres Group of Companies is a vertically integrated FMCG business specializing in the production of ready meals and is a leader in the production of canned vegetables, sauces and jams. On the market, the Company’s products are known under the same name – Veres.

Veres Brand is a leader of the market and the only Brand that offers an assortment in all categories of canned vegetables, as distinct from its opponents. The category of ready meals is one of the strategic directions in which the Brand plans to strengthen its position in the coming years.

At present, the products of Veres Brand have been acknowledged is well and are familiar to consumers not only in the CIS countries, but are also popular in many countries of the world. Export geography covers more than 35 countries, including regions of Asia, Europe, CIS, East and America.

The product portfolio of the Brand includes more than 100 product names presented in 15 categories. According to the official data of ACNielsen Ukraine, in 2020 Veres entered the TOP-3 producers of canned vegetables in Ukraine and is the leader of the market, excluding the segment of tomato paste and juices.

Every year the Company introduces new products to the market, which, first of all, reflect modern trends and consumer needs. Our products are gaining great popularity among the people who care for food quality and vegetarians.

Since 1997, the Company has been producing canned vegetables, confirming its high quality from year to year. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production: from the selection of seeds, the technology of growing vegetable raw materials and grain legumes, champignons on the basis of our own mycelium to the production and supply of products to store units.

We control the quality of agricultural raw materials that are grown on the best black soil in Europe. Therefore, our products are free of trans fats and genetically modified ingredients. Production of products is certified according to the international standard FSSC 22000, and each of the factories has accredited laboratories for quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products.

Canned vegetables and sauces of Veres Brand are known by more than 70% of consumers in this category. The form of Veres glass is patented and, along with the logo, is one of the Brand elements by which the buyer quickly recognizes the product on the shelf and, when buying it, can be sure of the original quality.

Company history

  • August 2020 – the Company presents on the market a novelty in the segment of ready meals “Lunch at home”, which are presented in three flavors.
  • September 2020 – the Company is on the market with a new category – natural spices and seasonings, the assortment of which includes 12 products developed according to the brand’s unique recipes.
  • September 2020 – the Brand restores active communication and comes out with a new slogan “Veres. Delicious as you like”.
  • November 2020 – the Brand launches on the market a unique product category “Fresh Tomato Ketchup”, which has three flavors “Strong”, “Soft” and “Tomato”. The products come out in glass packaging and consist of 76% natural tomatoes.
Product names