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Mission and values

Veres is an innovative leader and expert in the production of ready meals


Veres is a leader and expert in ready meals. We produce delicious, natural and healthy products.

Are we making life better?

Yes. We make it tasty and comfortable, offering to make their own dreams and desires come true to the consumers!

Our values


• Learning new things
• We develop as professionals
• We share information, knowledge, experience
• We take an active part in changes


• We are professionals
• We think over actions in advance
• We make well-considered decisions
• We are responsible for our words and actions

Mutual respect

• Treating people with respect
• We listen and hear everyone
• We help and support
• We value each other's time


• We act in such a way that we are trusted
• We build relationships on trust
• We highly value the professionalism of others
• Building trust in the company