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Mushroom production

One of the major full-cycle farms in Eastern Europe for growing mushrooms and producing compost

VIGGY FARMING LLC (in earlier times known as Ukrshampignon CJSC) was established to manage the mushroom growing business. This is a unique enterprise with a full cycle of mushroom production: from the production of compost and covering material to the growing of cultivated mushrooms, which is one of the major in Eastern Europe.

The enterprise started its work in 2000. The first compost manufactory was started up on September 19, 2000, and already on April 13, 2001, the first shipment of mushrooms was gathered.

The mushroom complex uses advanced production technologies and is equipped with equipment from the Christiaens Group, Alpi, Fancom, YORK Brands, has a certified laboratory that allows you to control the quality of products at all stages of production. During the year, about 400 employees work at the mycelium, which makes the company one of the largest employers in the region.

Manufacturing complex with a total area of 22 hectares is located in the Lytvynets Village of the Cherkassy Region and includes:


14 pasteurization tunnels, each with a capacity of 70 tons of phase II compost.


A manufactory with a capacity of 980 tones per week of phase II compost. The average monthly volume of compost production reaches 4 thousand tons, of which about 65% is sold to mushroom growers in all regions of Ukraine and abroad, and 35% is used in our own mushroom growing chambers.


A manufactory for the production of covering material with a capacity of 700-800 m3 per month.

36 chambers for mushroom growing with a useful area of 700 m2 each, which allows produce more than 300 tons of mushrooms per month. Among the total volume, 40% of the grown mushrooms are supplied for processing to the Kanev production department, the rest is realized on the market.