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Veres Group of Companies presents a novelty in the trend of healthy eating – “Fresh tomato ketchup”

Next novelty in 2020, a product unique in its category – fresh tomato ketchup! Exactly this way, only fresh tomatoes (76% of the composition!), no tomato paste, no added preservatives, starch and coloring material! Whole our secret is in production technology and ecological glass packaging. We offer quality and safe ketchup that meets the criteria for a healthy and eutrophy, by bringing together our experience and expertise.

Ketchup from Veres is a 100% natural tomato sauce made from fresh meaty varieties of tomatoes that we have grown in our fields. Ketchup is made during the harvesting season and therefore does not contain tomato paste. That is why it has a real aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes, which is complemented by perfectly matched mixes of spices and vegetables.

To make a natural product, we grind mature peeled tomatoes into smooth and boil down to a thick consistency. After adding spices, pour the ketchup into glass and sterilize. By means of it, the product can be stored for a long period without the addition of preservatives, which makes it absolutely safe even for consumption by children. In a transparent glass, you can easily notice the natural color and consistency of ketchup.

“Delicate fresh tomato ketchup”, “Fresh tomato ketchup” and “Hot fresh tomato ketchup” – everyone can choose their favorite taste! The unique ketchup recipe is prepared on the bases of the homemade recipes of our main experts – consumers. Veres Сompany continues to take over its traditions, collect the best national recipes, realize them in products and share them with our consumers. Therefore, we are sure that natural ketchup from fresh tomatoes from Veres will take its rightful place not only in grocery stores, but also on your table.

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