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Passing result of the 2020 agricultural season at the enterprises of Veres Group of Companies

At the agrarian enterprises of Veres Group of Companies, harvesting is actively continuing. By the end of September, 40,2% of the sown area had already been harvested, of which 26,3% were specialized vegetable crops. In particular, the collection of green peas, vegetable marrows and early grain legumes has been fully completed, the season of corn, other vegetable and exchange crops is continuing.

Veres Group of Companies, as a business with a closed production cycle, has its own agricultural complex, which provides canning factories with the necessary raw materials. Thanks to this, product quality control begins at the stage of selection of varieties and continues in compliance with the technology of growing and transporting raw materials.

At present, a land-bank of the Group of Companies is about 7 thousand hectares of arable land, which is concentrated in two agricultural departments (Cherkassy and Nikolaev Regions).

This year, 28,64% of the sown area is occupied by specialized crops, including: green peas – 615,30 hectares, sugar corn – 641 hectares, vegetable marrows – 60 hectares, vegetable crops – 130 hectares. The rest of the sown land (71,36%) is for exchange crops: winter wheat, grain peas, sunflower, corn and sorghum, which is grown for the first time this year and occupies 292,5 hectares. At present, the harvesting is continuing and at the end of November agricultural enterprises will be able to finalize the results.

According to preliminary estimates of this agrarian season, it will be possible to achieve the planned targets for almost all crops, it has become a super task in conditions of critically low precipitation. At the Yasnozorsky agricultural subdivision (Cherkassy Region), it was possible to preserve the crop and product quality thanks to the introduction of a drip irrigation system. All vegetable crops (vegetable marrows, carrots, onions, beets, dill) and sweet corn were grown on irrigation.

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